Beaded jewelry box with lid and legs


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This is a piece of my original artwork — a beaded jewelry box with legs and lid.

The jewelry box is made in heart shapt from 8 mm acrylic beads and 0.8 mm fishing line. The beaded jewelry box is made in cubic style giving sharp edges to a rounded shape. The beaded jewelry box is made of two colors, bright red and bright yellow. The beaded box stands on three small spherical legs, and it also has a separate lid with a handle of the same spherical shape.

The box will make a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day or aniversaries. This jewelry box would be a wonderful present for a woman of any age for her birthday, Christmas or New year. Also the jewelry box can be presented to a married couple for a special occasion.

Measurements of jewelry box:
Length approx.: 21cm
Width approx.: 23cm
Height approx.: 18cm
Depth: approx.: 9cm

Heart shaped jewelry box with legs and lid | Beaded trinket box for home decor | The best gift for women or anniversarys


Вес 0.875 kg
Габариты 21 × 23 × 18 cm

red, yellow


1 cm beads, Faceted acrylic beads, Fishing line


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