Educational geometric toy | Hand made from beads | Helps relieve anxiety and stress


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The «Kubasik» is a geometric toy made from faceted beads in combination with waxed nylon thread making the toy interesting for playing by hands. The toy is malleable and possible to crumple, but it does not lose its shape. It doesn’t want to leave your hands, therefore it helps to develop fine motor skills and the flexor / extensor muscles in the fingers.

The «Kubasik» will also help to develop tactile sense and spatial thinking. It introduces the idea of a three-dimensional coordinate system using right angles which helps to develop spatial thinking. It is a composite polyhedron (lots of cubes joined together) made from faceted acrylic beads and waxed nylon thread.

This toy also helps in the development of color vision — the colors of the beats in the toy combine to make three contrasting color schemes with white around the edges giving each plane it’s own color. Thus if you look at one side it seems that the toy is one color but when you rotate it 90° it will appear to be a different color. The game is what color is the toy.

Inside the toy there are loose acrylic beads that create a quiet, unobtrusive and even pleasant sound as they roll around inside.
The «Kubasik» can help people who have had a stroke or heart attack or have problems with physical activity. Performing daily exercise with these «trainers for fine motor skills» you can stimulate the nerve cells to build new bridges between them in the cortex of the brain to help rebuild damaged areas.



green, orange, white, yellow


7 mm beads, acrylic beads, Faceted acrylic beads, waxed thread


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