Children rattle | Montessori sensory toy


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Length — 13 cm
Width — 7.5 cm
Handle diameter — 2.5 cm
Diameter of the handle at the bottom — 3.5 cm

This toy is made from acrylic beads of 8 mm and fishing line of 0.8 mm. The toy is made from 7 different bright colors. Through the holes in the head of the toy you can see acrylic beads that rattle around quietly inside.

This toy is made of faceted beads and due to this it seems slightly soft when you crumple the toy and has a non-uniform surface that has an interesting feeling in the hands.

This toy can be:
— useful when studying colors
— useful for the development of sensory perception
— one of the first steps to learning musical rhythm

This toy is not intended for rough use and in the case of strong attempts to break it, the line may not withstand the pressure and may break. The toy will not fall apart and become dangerous, but a gap may form from which beads will fall out.

Warning: Children under 3 years of age should use this toy only under adult supervision.

Children rattle Montessori toy



Вес 0.5 kg

blue, green, pink, red, white, yellow


acrylic beads, Faceted acrylic beads, Fishing line, plastic beads


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