Beaded vase for synthetic flowers


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This beaded vase for synthetic flowers is designed as a decorative way to display flowers. You can use silk or other synthetic flowers or if you like you can put a suitable-sized glass with water inside the vase for displaying fresh flowers.
The vase will not break if it is accidentally dropped from any height.

Decorating rooms with fresh flowers is always beautiful, however fresh flowers only look good for the first few days and afterwards they spoil, then either you buy new flowers or your vase will be empty until the next wonderful occasion you receive flowers. Flowers bring life and beauty to any space, in workplaces where people spend a lot of time like in offices, at the reception, in meeting rooms and children’s institutions, often it is better to use silk or synthetic flowers, which nowadays are looking more and more like real flowers.

This vase is made according to my own design from acrylic beads and nylon line. If desired, a transparent colorless glass or plastic vessel of a suitable size can be installed inside as in the photo. This vase is see-through and its contents can be seen through the holes between the beads, therefore it is better to use colorless vessels or faded tones that match the color. In this case, you can use this vase for fresh flowers too.

If you have a desire to make this vase yourself, I can offer you a step-by-step tutorial video on making this vase. At present, this video is available only in Russian, but as practice shows, the video is easy enough to follow and you will not need sound. In future all my tutorial videos will be available in English.

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Beaded vase for synthetic flowers


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Габариты 21.5 × 21.5 × 23 cm

7 mm beads, Faceted acrylic beads, Fishing line




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