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This is Beaded sensory cube for hands for adults and children. This toy is made from acrylic beads and waxed thread which makes the cube both stiff and slightly soft like it’s a little bit alive. It does not lose its shape but creates a desire to handle the toy and crumple it and this experience can help your child to develop tactile perception.

Beaded sensory cube for hands will be a very good gift for a child from 4 years old, as well as for a teacher working with children of primary school and for a specialist who helps people with loss of hand sensitivity to recover.

The cube has four colors: one color for all edges and three colors for each plane. The cube has six sides, two on each plane. Internal cavities of the cube are made in the same color scheme. This feature doesn’t immediately strike the eye, but by noticing it you will get an interesting experience of the idea of a three-dimensional coordinate system ( length, width, depth ).

I always choose three contrasting colors for the sides of the beaded 3D cube and this helps to develop spatial thinking and color perception

And adults can also become fans of this toy as it creates a relaxing sensation in the hands and has a way of absorbing your attention. You will feel it yourself when you first handle it. If this toy lives near your computer you can always distract yourself and give your brain a little breather by switching to this anti stress gadget. The most brilliant ideas often come to mind at the moment when our attention is a little bit relaxed, switching on a mode of thinking that it is not connected with logic.


Вес 0.13 kg
Габариты 7 × 7 × 7 cm

blue, red, white, yellow


Faceted acrylic beads, waxed thread


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