Beaded numbers for teaching counting


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3D Beaded numbers for teaching counting is a great visual aid for learning numbers and counting. Toys are interesting to the touch by hands.

-> This set of numbers can be a tool for tactile perception of numbers for blind and visually impaired children, as well as a game for learning how to compose simple examples of addition and subtraction.
-> As a guide for tactile perception, a set of these numbers would be a useful aid for preschool children.
-> These numbers are a suitable aid for both the speech therapist and special needs therapist and for the primary school classroom.
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The set includes 10 numbers from 0 to 9, addition and subtraction signs, and an equals sign. All numbers are of the same height. The minus sign differs from the equals sign in length and color. Both parts of the equals sign are made the same way. Addition and subtraction signs are of the same length. The numbers are made of acrylic beads of two different profiles. The outer lines of the numbers are made with beads of one profile and the inner lines are made with beads having a different profile. The two profiles have a different feel and the fingers can trace the inner line of the beads. Thus, children can easily follow the pattern with their fingers, relying on the feeling of the ribbed surface of the inner line of the faceted beads. This will help in learning how to write a number by repeating the movements done when tracing the inner surface of the numbers.
With the help of these numbers, you can playfully teach simple mathematics.
When ordering two sets of numbers you will receive a 10% discount on the entire order and the second set will include complementary multiplication and division signs.

Beaded numbers for teaching counting — Montessori sensory numbers  — Preschool aid for visually impaired


Вес 0.475 kg
Габариты 1.7 × 6-7 × 10.5 cm



7 mm beads, Faceted acrylic beads, Fishing line


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