Beaded geometric lampshade icosahedron


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This beaded geometric lampshade icosahedron is made in the shape of a stellated icosahedron and is made from 8 mm acrylic beads and 0.7 mm fishing line. As light sources, you can install LED strings or LED bulbs into the lamp, as you prefer.

Warning! Incandescent bulbs must not be used, as they get too hot.

You can use any type of LED strings in this geometric lampshade. There are many types available in lighting shops or online. When you put the LED strings inside the lamp, be careful, usually LED strings are very delicate and break easily when pulled. Make sure that the LEDs do not get stuck in the holes between the beads. You can also install an LED light bulb into this lampshade and you will not need additional mounts for it, just use a light fitting with a lead and plug. Choose an LED bulb that has difficulty going through the leg of the lampshade and leave it inside. The bulb will sit firmly in the middle of the shade and the beaded leg will hold the bulb inside.

In this order you will receive a beaded geometric lampshade icosahedron; and I will alse send to you a string of LEDs as a gift. The plug of the Light-emitting diode strings may not fit the outlets in the place where you live and may need to be changed.

Please note: I do not guarantee the LED strings. The LEDs are working at time of sending, however the wires are very fragile and can break easily.

The geometric lampshade has one important advantage — it is resilient and will not break or fall apart if you drop it, but try not to expose it to strong environmental influences.

The stellated icosahedron is a three-dimensional geometric shape consisting of 20 completely identical rays.


Вес 0.67 kg
Габариты 22 × 22 × 32 cm



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